Ardıl Yalınkılıç, Artık Işler Collective, Can Küçük, Ceren Saner, Furkan Öztekin, Elmgreen & Dragset, Güneş Terkol, Iz Öztat, Leyla Gediz, Nihat Karataşlı, Onur Karaoğlu, Özgür Erkök Moroder, Pınar Marul, Sabo Akdağ, Sadık Arı, Serdar Soydan and Ünal Bostancı

1 December 2018 - 2 February 2019

Operation Room at American Hospital, Istanbul

Positive Space is an exhibition on HIV/AIDS in Turkey. Since Mürteza Elgin, the first sensational AIDS case in the Turkish media , HIV/AIDS has always been known for scandals, regardless of high rise of infection rate in the Turkey, HIV remains as a taboo and a stigma in the public opinion. The exhibition interests in attributing a collective face to the virus and doesn’t care about protecting the ‘sterile’ other. The title is derived from a term used for the focal point of visual art compositions. It asks the spectator to get involved and is opposed to presenting a negative space to them. It mixes works of art, brings the background to the fore, and subjectifies everything visible. Just as Albert Camus said, “But what does it mean, the plague? It's life, that's all.” And so, “no one, no one on earth is free from it.” “Positive Space”  opens discussions about themes, directly related to HIV/AIDS, such as visibility and stigma, victimhood and guilt, pleasure and disease with bodies in modes of recording, separating, accepting and rejecting, infecting and spreading. Even though the exhibition affirms ‘positivity,’ it reserves the right to see AIDS as a metaphor. The unrepressed HIV does not destroy the cell, it attacks and emaciates it, just like hegemonic domination or biopolitics do. “Positive Space” looks for new contamination technologies against these practices.

Murteza Elgin, first publicly known & scandalised person died of AIDS related complication. 

Can Küçük, Temporary Tattoo, 2018. Print on water transfer paper. Each, 4,2x4,2cm (duplicable amount)

Positive Space, exhibition view, 2018, Operation Room. 

Can Küçük, Recycle, 2018.  Sewed ribbon, needle. 18,5x16,5x5cm

Can Küçük, Container, 2018. Stainless Steel, rubber, adhesive vinyl print. 63x30x30cm

Elmgreen & Dragset, Powerless Structures, Fig. 19, 1998. Calvin Klein underwear, Levi’s 501 jeans. Dimension variable.

Ardıl Yalınkılıç, In Between, 2012-2016. Oil on canvas. 2x40x30cm

Ünal Bostancı, Blood Makes Noise, 2018,  Bubble Wrap, blood, synthetic blood, 104x330cm

Leyla Gediz, Cocoon, 2009. Oil on canvas 100x100cm. From the collection of Leyla and Arif Suyabatmaz

Furkan Öztekin.Tab Series, 2018 Paper. Collage on Cardboard 16 parça pieces, each 13x17cm.

Furkan Öztekin.Tab Series, 2018 Paper. Collage on Cardboard 16 parça pieces, each 13x17cm.

Ardıl Yalınkılıç, Dear Mom, 2018. Text on Paper. Dimension variable

Materials from Serdar Soydan’s archieve and research.

Ceren Saner, Untitled from “Liquids”, 2014. Metallic Print. 70 x 100cm
Özgür Erkök Moroder 
       AHHhH  (voices we hear in the dark just for a moment), 2018 Reflector textile band, hot glue,
&. “Otozit-Parazit”, 2010. Video tape, tape, costume for sesperisi performance tour “Otozit- Parazit”, iaab artist residency. 

Pınar Marul, 2018, Resin, hydrogel, silicon, glass, chain. Dimension variable

İz Öztat, Untitled, 2018 Produced by Brac Knives. Stainless steel 8x6,5x0.3cm.